Monday, October 24, 2016

So, it was a tie last night….

The game last night was a tie. Ties don’t happen that often in the NFL, but they’re possible. Before you go criticizing the Seahawks for the non-existent offense last night, just remember that the defense was on the field for over 40 minutes last night and didn’t yield a touchdown…

Note to the kickers: try to put the ball between the uprights, not to hit the uprights themselves….

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Final debate was last night.

And I didn’t watch it. I know who I’m voting for this year, and I don’t need to to watch the soundbites, smear campaigns, and out and out lies that pass for this year’s election. I’m not revealing who I’m voting for yet. Until I cast my ballot, I will be non-partisan.

Though I will say that respect for women is a very good thing.

Well, this was strange….

For the past year or so, my ‘weekend’ has been Sunday and Monday. This week, I had some items on the agenda that could only be done during the week, so I requested yesterday, and today off. And I got them. As a result of other circumstances, I couldn’t do what I was planning to do today (combination poor weather, lousy traffic, and a lack of fiber…).

But I still did my laundry, backed up most of my files (with the exception of my Steam Games, and that’s running right now). I think the lesson I’ve learned of late is that if I really want to take a day off, I’ll request it. It has happened before where I assumed that I was getting a day off, and then lo and behold I get scheduled for it.

In a related to my schedule story, my vacation request has been approved, and I will be able to make it to the Big Bryant Family Reunion. I’m also take a couple of days off after Christmas to recover from the Holidays (between the merry-making, well-wishing, and all-in-all having a good time, one should also plan for sleep….)

Sunday, October 16, 2016

So much happened this week

So let’s get started.

  • Hockey season started. In the summer, my TV was usually tuned to either the Science Channel or Root Sports, so I could catch the Mariners game. Now it going to be between, the Science Channel, ESPN (for the Monday Night Football game), or the NBC Sports Network (for whatever hockey game is on).
  • I don’t know if you’re aware of it, but the Great Pacific NorthWET was visited by the remnants of Typhoon Songda. It was windy. And rainy. But power was out here for only and hour or so. It was more of a pain in the ass commuting to work, as my commute involves a walk of 4 1/2 miles in the morning, and while I have no problem walking in the wind or the rain, but when they’re combined together, that becomes a pain. However, my ever-tolerant employer allowed me to come in an hour later on Friday, and so avoid the worst of the weather….
  • Last Sunday I was off from one employer, but I didn’t watch one game of football. Something about having to work Mrs. Fields…
  • The Cubs are in the NLCS. They play tonight. I think I may skip the Sunday Night game tonight to watch that game tonight.

Monday, October 10, 2016

A weekend cut short…

Normally, my weekend is Sunday and Monday. But I did my good deed for the week on Sunday, and worked at Mrs. Fields, so the owner good go celebrate a birthday. So, today was Recovery Day, Laundry Day, and get ready for work tomorrow day….

My latest stragedy in addressin my chronic foot pain is shoe rotation. Basically I don’t wear the same pair of shoes on consecutive days. It does take some planning, to make sure that on the days that I’m walking the longest I’m not wearing the shoes with the greatest wear. Hopefully, this will also help ‘stretch out’ the usable lives of my shoes.

I switched my backpacks last week. I week before I was fired from Mrs. Fields almost 4 years ago, my boss’s wife gave my a backpack for Christmas. I knew I was getting it, as she told me that she had to borrow my laptop to make sure that it fit. And I used it. It had the right pockets. I didn’t use the laptop pocket that much, but the other ones were used. and then last year, I got another one on Spamazon. It has all the compartments (even the padded laptop pocket). In fact, it has even more pockets. But what caused me to finally switch over to it was the two mesh ones. It’s fall, and I need to keep my umbrella handy. And, due to my schedule at work, I’m going to be leaving for work even earlier that the butt-crack of dawn. So, my thermos of coffee needs one, too…

Anyway, off to work tomorrow. And then my regular work week. And then another cut short weekend. Next week, I’ve asked for some time off in the middle of the week, and my employer granted it. But that means the time needs to made up….

Watching the debate

The debate was last night.  I recorded it. And now I'm watching it. This is a circus. The debate should be promoted by Don King. We need the weigh-in, the hype, and possibly Mills Lane.

Donald Trump is doing cocaine. That's how can I only explain the sniffles....

Why not just give them a pair of boxing gloves, abd let them go at it?

Know what? I think I've decided who I'm voting for. But I'm keeping my choice in pectore until I've cast my ballot.

I think I'm going to just watch football instead...

Sunday, October 02, 2016

It’s over.

The Mariners wild card hopes ended last night in the 10th inning, losing to the A’s. But there is still a high note. They end the season with a winning record. But there is still a hope for next season…

Monday, September 26, 2016

A tough decision tonight….

So, there is a debate tonight. And there’s a Monday Night Football game tonight. Actually it isn’t a really tough decision. The Donald vs. Hilary or New Orleans vs. Atlanta. I’ve made my choice. Tonight, I will be watching Matt Ryan vs. Drew Brees. As for the other debate, I think I’ll write in Bob in Appliances this year for President….

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Thinking the unthinkable….

I went back to Windows 10 today. I figured why not? While I like Windows 7, Win10 is the most current. Eventually Win7 will go the way of Windows XP, and no longer be supported. Besides in a previous install, I paid for the Wolfram Alpha app, and I’m going to use it. Compatibility be damned. That’s why I have a WinXP vm, which still works.

Not only am I running Win10 again, but there is a very real possibility that I may give up Thunderbird. Windows 10 mail already supports my Google contacts and calendar. Out of the box. With Thunderbird, I have to install 2 extensions, and they have to be updated whenever Thunderbird is updated. And then there’s Cortana. With it, I can text over my phone from my computer. And missed calls and incoming texts are shown via desktop notifications. Sometimes it can be a nuisance, but it’s also a PITA to go get my phone from across my room.

Actually the real reason is I want to try dual-booting with Linux. It may be a little bit more complex than my previous attempts, but it’s something I want to try….

Spending too much of my money….

Let’s see, last week, I was on Spamazon. And I noticed that they had a DVD set of Cosmos (1980) and a Blu-Ray set of Cosmos (2014). And so I ordered both. And then I went to Worst Buy. And I ordered The Avengers, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Willy Wonka (Gene Wilder, RIP). And recently I’ve also acquired The Last Starfighter.

I don’t know why I got them. I’m more likely to watch Spaceballs instead….

RIP Arnold Palmer….

You were one of the greats in golf. Tonight, I will raise a glass of half unsweetened iced tea and half lemonade in your memory.