Sunday, March 29, 2015

It is Palm Sunday today

Growing up I remember on Palm Sunday (or was it Passover), one of the local broadcast stations would play Cecil B. DeMille's 10 Commandments.

A few months back, I was at Worst Buy, and I noticed the DVD was on sale...

So guess what I'm watching tonight?

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

You probably don't need to know this...

This is one of those tidbits that you probably don't need to know. But I can down a medium Burger King milkshake in 4 minutes. Well, maybe not four. But definitely less than 10. Enough that I can polish it off at the bus stop before the bus gets here....

Yes. I'm aware I'm a diabetic, blah, blah, blah...

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Another Weekend Is Gone…

My ‘weekend’ fell on Monday and Tuesday this week. Which means I worked the real weekend. Not that I mind (in fact, I have long since accepted that working weekends is going to be par for the course for my line of work). But I have to go back to work tomorrow. My laundry is done, the coffeemaker is loaded. And I’ve even broken in my new shoes.

My weekend is gone. It’s time to go to work….

Some new feet...

I'm on my feet a lot. Like more than 16 hours a day. So I go through shoes a lot. Sometimes I'll find just the right shoe, and I'll be able to wear it for 6+ months. Then there are other times when I immediately start thinking about replacing them as soon as I put them on. My last pair of shoes as like that. As soon as I got them on, abd I went through my first day at work, I had a problem. Eventually, I was able to tough it out via double-socking. Finally, my shoes wore out to the point that I was in pain from the time I put them on in the morning to the point I took them off. So I finally bought a new pair of shoes Sunday. I waited a day for my feet to recover, but once I put the on, there was no pain. So far, I'm impressed. I just hope I get more than three months' wear out of them...

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy Tuesday People!

I’m not Irish. I’m not Catholic. And I quit drinking quite some time ago. So today is Tuesday.

Happy Tuesday. Especially to all you non-Irish, non-Catholic, sober people. Having said that, it is perfectly alright to go out and celebrate if you so desire….

Just remember that St. Patrick’s day started out as a religious holiday in Ireland, and it was celebrated by going to church, not drinking green beer (and btw, Guinness is not definitely green, and St. Patrick’s color was blue).

But I’m not Irish, I’m not Catholic, and no longer drink. Happy Tuesday People!

About the new phone

Ok, I got it last week. I think I said something about it. I also got a 64 gB memory card for it. So my phone now hame twice the capacity of my tablet (phone has 32 gB on it, plus the aforementioned 64 gB card, while the tablet has 16 gB and a 32 gB memory card). It figures, since I use the phone more than the tablet (not that I’m knocking the tablet. It has served me well, and will continue to.

Anyway enough about that. I got the phone. It has a quad-core 2.5 gHz processor (which is what I was running on my previous phone when I over-clocked it). My previous phone (HTC One M7) never had any issues with lag even when not overclocking it, so that’s not an issue. The main issue with my previous phone was space. 32 gB is normally plenty of space for one’s phone, but when you put the entire system on it, plus your apps, and then your music library, you can run out really quick. But with the memory card, I can go to town at Google Play, and still have space for my entire music library, and be able to download a movie or two).… I should point out, that my phone has more storage than my first computer, even after my first two hard drive upgrades….

As for software, as soon an I got it, I had it unlocked, rooted, and s-off’ed (all of which were pretty straightforward affairs, unlike when I s-off’ed my EVO 3D). It was a little bit more expensive than previous times, as I had to use Sunshine since there was no other way. And there are certain things that are just too darn hard to flash with just only unlocked phone. I immediately flashed Lollipop to it (I prefer to use the Venom ROMs, which is also what I usually ran on my previous phone). But after a few days, I went back to KitKat, just because that was what I was used to. I may go back to Lollipop in the future, but I’ll go with what I’m familiar with for now (the ROM developers are on XDA, and I have donated to them. Twice.

So far, I’m happy with the new phone. It does have an all-metal unibody construction, though I never notice it, as I keep it in an Otter Box. It is always better to smash the $30.00 case than the $700.00+ phone….

Saturday, March 07, 2015

Some adventures online….

I’ve ordered a new phone. I’m getting an HTC One (M8). My previous phone still works pretty well, but there are issues with running out of space. So I’m getting a phone with a memory card slot. It’s not the latest and greatest, but it doesn’t have to be. Considering how it will be rooted, unlocked, and a custom ROM will be loaded on to it as soon as I get home, I’m not really concerned about being the bleeding edge… I also ordered 2 cases and a memory card for it. The cases have already arrived. I also ordered a memory card for it (after all, it does a slot for it). It should arrive next week.

Now all I need is the phone….

Some wisdom learned recently….

Never underestimate the power of hello. You can say that you’re free, but in reality you may just be fettering yourself even more.

I may not be free, but I’m at peace in certain matters tonight. What I thought were my dreams may not come true, but I still have a friend. You may not like reality, but you have to make peace with it. Dreams can be a good thing. They can give you goals to reach for. But you have to prepare yourself for failure. And you have to learn to bounce back from it. My heart has been broken, but I’ll learn wisdom from it.

Like I said, there are certain matters that I’ve made peace with now. Tonight, I can sleep with the just.

About that last post….

Some of you may coming here searching. Sorry, I deleted it. For some reason, I just didn’t feel right about it. Maybe it could’ve been TMI. Or what I’d written wasn’t really what I wanted to express. Anyway, it’s now gone…

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

I don't know why I'm doing this

I'm once again trying Linux. I know from previous experience via a live cd that they don't have drivers worth snot for my tower. But there is VMWare player. Yes, I will miss my previous tower, and being able to run it without vm software. But I have to play the hand I've been dealt.

At least with a vr, I don't have to nuke a hard drive or my tower. But I still feel like a glutton for punishment at times...

I don't know why I'm doing this but here we go. Again.

Way too much stuff….

Once upon a time, I could back my data up on CD-ROM. Those days are long past. Then I got a DVD burners. From about 20+ cd’s to 4-5 DVD’s. Then (at the time I was wiping my system once a week, trying new things out) I just started using my second hard drive. At first everything fit all fine and dandy on a 30 gB hard drive. The only issue was that this was an internal hard drive, so if I got a virus, I could still lose all my data on it. Then the 30gB became an 80 gB. Then my first computer died, and I got a second one with a 250 gB drive. And I used a 160 gB as my back up drive (it was still an internal hard drive, but this time I made sure to disconnect when I wasn’t backing things up, or accessing a back up…). Then I got my 1tB hard drive and my 250 gB became my backup. Then I finally bought a usb hard drive enclosure, so I could have my back-ups physically disconnected from the tower when they’re not needed. And along the lines I bought another 1 tB hard drive just for back up.

Last night, I did a system back up, storing all my essential files to my usb hard drive. What was once only 7 gB’s is now 431 gB’s.

Man, I have way too much crap….

Me Vs. Reality…

Since I’m home from work sick today, I think I’ll write some here….

Reality and I have never been the best of friends (in fact this post is more of me expounding on this). In some form or another I’ve always had some sort of dream in my head. Sometimes these took the part of a science fiction superhero (like you’d find in a comic book). Or I’d daydream about having billions of dollars. Sometimes it could just be a simple thing as having an annoying coworker/manager fired and frog-marched off the premises at work. But they’re just dreams (or fantasies). Sometimes they can be good. They can give you a goal to work for. Some are so far fetched from reality that they really only serve as entertainment value. Then there are the dreams that are close to reality, but not quite. They can be subtle. You can think that the goals needed to attain them can be realistic. It may be just that one obstacle that you need to overcome, but it’s just barely unrealistically out of your reach. But what is really happening is that your dreams have become your Reality. You’re so caught up on this one issue that you fail to realize that it’s more likely for you to wake up and all of the sudden you’ve become your favorite comic book super-hero. And what good is fostering a delusion? Sooner or later it’s going to hit you. Reality. When all the unrealistic dreams, fantasies and delusions that you’ve fostered come crashing down, and you realize that they’re not going to happen. It’s as if your house of cards has come down, and all that is left for is pick up the pieces of your broken heart. There are times when all you need to ‘wake up’ from your daydreams is for someone to tell you ‘no’. Rejection can be a good thing. It can teach you to take no for an answer, to respect others’ feelings (and their space). But my difficulty lies therein. Nobody has told me no. Yet. I keep thinking upon this matter, and my mind is divided into two camps. One side tells me that in the absence of rejection, to keep trying. The other side tells me that silence will be my only answer, and that it is best to move on (after all, I don’t mean any harm & I will still wish the person well…). I keep going between the two camps in my head. Sometimes I go with the former. It gives me hope. Then there are the times I go with the latter. I proclaim to myself that I’m free from the fantasies and delusions. Until they return the very next day. I’ve tried to be realistic about this. To temper my dreams with reality. But it seems like I have to either live in FantasyLand, or I have to attain Kolinahr, shedding my ‘petty emotions’. There has to be a balance between the two. I can’t go living in La La Land, and I’m human; it is impossible to completely repress what I feel. Such is the nature of my quest. To keep grounded in reality, but to keep persuing my dreams. Someday my Realities and my Fantasies will become reconciled. I hope….

Reality used to be a friend of mine. Please don’t ask my because I don’t know why, but reality used to be a friend of mine….

Monday, March 02, 2015

Did I mention…

Did I mention that I don’t like being sick? Woke up this morning with a headache. Usually these stem from caffeine withdrawal, so my first course of action is to fire up the coffeemaker (and to also remember to be more gradual in stepping down from the coffee). Four cups later, and I’ve become The Great Cornholio, and The Underpants Gnomes are now running through the apartment. I still have the headache, and now I feel the crud in the back of my throat.

So I was thinking about calling out. My next shift is at 6 tomorrow morning, and normally the go/no-go decision would be made at 2 in the morning, when it’s not really easy to get a hold of the manager on duty at work. So I’ve decided a pre-emptive sick call is in order. I’d rather have my absence be known now so it can be covered for than to call out at the last minute. My current employer offers all of its employees paid sick leave, and I’m going to use it. It’s not like it’s the first time I’ve had to call out before….

Did I mention I don’t like being sick?