Sunday, February 07, 2016

He can beat them both…

Tom Brady’s weakness is a Manning. Twice he went up against Eli Manning in the Super Bowl, and twince Eli Manning came back with The One Ring. This year, Tom Brady got his Well-Deserved Beating at the hands of Peyton Manning. And at the Super Bowl today, Peyton Manning gave Cam Newton a Well-Deserved Beating.

Actually it was more of the Denver Broncos defense that led them to victory. It has always been said that your offense will sell your tickets (let’s face it, fans go to games to see points on the board). But your defense is what will win your games. It’s simple: your oppenents won’t win if they don’t score…

Now onwards. The Sounders FC have started there preseason already. And the Mariners will be starting spring training shortly….

Render unto Ceaser, 2016 Edition, part II

Apparently the IRS has one thing that a drug dealer won’t find in a post office: speed. Last Sunday, I recieved word from H&R Block (I filed electronically) that my return was accepted. Saturday morning, according to the IRS refund tracker tool, my refund was approved, and I should be getting it sometime this week.

Sometimes it pays to file as soon as possible. Previous years it has taken me several weeks, up to a month to get my refund. Then there are the times when I had to pay, and I took my time to file (why be eager to pay your taxes). Then there were the times when I couldn’t afford to pay. But I still filed (past due taxes is one thing. You’ll have to pay interest and penalties). But not filing is another thing (just remember, they finally put Al Capone away for tax evasion)… But those days are in the past, and the slate with IRS was long since wiped clean…

Refund should be here Wednesday…

Sometime in the past fall….

Sometime in the past fall, I made it a point to thank the HR lady at work. What had happened was that I was given a set schedule at work. It was mainly to address a specific need at the company for somebody to consistently be there at a certain time (and I had the skill set that the company need), and also to address some concerns I was having about working late one night, and then having to turn around on short notice to be there über-early the next day (not the easiest to do when you take the bus). But one of the side effects of this was that I also got Sundays off. During football season. And that’s what I thanked her for.

So today is the Super Bowl. I’ve already been to Wally World and pillaged the deli. I’m watching the game. Not for the actual game, but for the commercials. My football season ended when the Seahawks were eliminated in the playoffs, and Tom Brady got his Well-Deserved Beating the following week. That Man-Diva has his weakness. His name is Manning. Be it Eli or Peyton.

Colin Kaepernick will be at the Super Bowl this year. If he buys a ticket…

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Day off today…

Today was the first day of my weekend. A day with absolutely no football at all. Sure, there was the Pro Bowl, but that really doesn’t count. My TV has been off all day. Mainly it’s been play Flight Simulator day. And it was laundry day as well. Normally I do laundry every couple of weeks. But I kept putting it off last week. It basically boiled down to my sock drawer becoming depleted. But it’s done now.

And for the almost the entire day, my TV has been turned off…

Render unto Ceaser, 2016 Edition, part I

Did my tax return last night. And it was accepted (I filed electornically). I anticipate a refund this year (even more than years past). If you remember last year, I had to pay full price for my health insurance due to a misunderstanding with regard to the advance premium tax credit (a lesson I also took to HR at work so they could pass it on to the next co-worker who gets promoted to full-time). I wasn’t eligible for the credit in advance, but apparently I’m still eligible to take it with my tax return… This won’t be a problem next year, as I have learned my lesson, and I enrolled in the complany provided insurance as soon as open enrollment began.

But we’ll see what happens. Refund should arrive in 3 weeks…

Monday, January 25, 2016

Let’s get steamed….

A couple of weeks ago when I was reinstalling my software, I had some games that I couldn’t install. Due to security issues, The Anti-Christ published an update, that prevented a lot of my older games from working (mainly it was the technique they used to verify the CD-Rom in the drive). I found some work-arounds (namely, no-cd patched and/or installing them on my Windows XP VM). But there were some where that wouldn’t work. Then I remembered the last time I was in Gamestop and I lamented to the clerk about the lack of Windows software, and I was told about Steam. I didn’t join back then, but i did last summer. I didn’t buy anything at the time. Then a couple of weeks ago, I noticed that some of the software that I was trying to install but having no luck was on Steam and on sale.

So needless to say, I have spent way too much from my last two paychecks on games….

Yes, I know that Flight Simulator X is also on Steam, but my DVD version still works perfectly fine. I’m not much for online gaming, which is what the Steam version is mainly for…

Uh, oh…

I just did a back-up of all my stuff last night. And now I have the urge. To put Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 back on my tower. I’m trying my hardest to resist it. I have to remind myself that I hate Win8.1 for a reason, and there is no reason to go Win7.

On the other hand, I do have a current back-up, plus my entire previous back-up. Though it did take longer than when I previously wrote about it.

Man, I have way too much crap on my computer.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

So I was at work yesterday…

I generally try to keep the workplace gossip to a minimum, for the most part. Most rumors are best kept to a minimum, especially if there’s no truth to them. Yet there are times when you hear good news through the scuttlebutt. Sometimes you want to share it, like when a co-worker gets promoted. Or you need to keep it quiet.

Long story short, I heard a couple of items on the scuttlebutt that are very good news if they’re true. But I cannot confirm them. So I guess the right thing is to hold my tongue on them.

But I will say this: Things are looking up.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

So, I got a calendar 10 years ago….

It all started when I got a calendar. Actually I was in the midst of a system rebuild at the time, and I had downloaded and installed a browser called Flock, and being a ‘social’ web browser, when you first ran it, it gave you instructions on how to set up a blog. And that’s how The Voices From Within My Head came in to being. I had actually thought about blogging for a while, but this was just the right nudge to get started. I had also been originally inspired to start a blog by Igwanarob. As of tomorrow, this blog will be 10 years old. Since then:

  • I’ve replaced my tower. Twice. And I’ve gotten 3 laptops. Two of the towers died (Magic Blue Smoke off the motherboard for the first one. The secod one just stopped). Laptops didn’t die. I got the first one as a contigency in case the tower died, and then by boss at the time sold me his a year later, so I sold my first one. Then I got comfortable with my tower, and so I gave my laptop to a co-worker. The last laptop was given to me by my mother, and it sits in the lving room, on standby if my tower bite the dust.
  • I moved. Twice. First from Puyallup to Parkland. And then from one apartment to another.
  • My 2 brothers moved out and went our separate ways. Then one brother and I moved back in together. As long as we have our separate rooms, we can tolerate each other.
  • I’ve gone through 9 cable boxes, 6 hard drives, 5 video cards, 4 tv cards, 2 wi-fi cards, 3 usb hubs, 2 joysticks, three game pads, 4 printers, 3 crt monitors, 1 lcd monitor, 3 keyboard/mouse combos, and 4 DVD burners.
  • I’ve gone from Windows ME to Windows 10. Even Windows 8.1 (which is what my current tower had when it came from Worst Buy). However I did manage to successfully skip Windows Vista. I did dabble with Linux on occaision, but mainly I’m a windows person, though I hate to admit it….
  • I’ve changed jobs. Left one job not on good terms, started another, then made peace with the first employer (and I still work for him, btw), and the second job I started made me full-time (complete with vacation, sick leave, and benefits).
  • I’ve done jury duty. Twice.
  • I’ve joined Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter (actually this is my third time on Twitter). the MySpace account got cancelled a long time ago…
  • I quit Usenet. On occaision, I thought about getting back on board, but the there is too much noise, not enough signal to make it worthwhile anymore. Besides if I want to read something in NANAE, I can use google now…
  • I started drinking. And I quit drinking. I don’t need to be drunk, and I just don’t like alcohol. Trust me, you don’t need to drink. It’s not worth it…

ANd if you wanted to call me, you would’ve reached me on:

  1. A Nokia 3595 (T-Mobile Prepaid).
  2. A Nokia 6030 (T-Mobile Prepaid).
  3. Samsung T619 (T-Mobile Contract).
  4. Motorola RIZR Z3 (T-Mobile Contract). This was the first phone I bought from my boss).
  5. T-Mobile Shadow (aka the HTC Phoebus).\
  6. Blackberry Curve (I realized very quickly that I do not like Blackberrys).
  7. Another T-Mobile Shadow.
  8. HTC Touch Pro 2.
  9. HTC HD2.
  10. HTC MyTouch 4G.
  11. HTC Senstation. (These last two phones, I actually had for less the 2 days, as there were other factors that necessitated me returning them).
  12. HTC EVO 3D (now on Sprint).
  13. HTC One (M7)
  14. And finally HTC One (M8). Some of these phones I got on contract. Some were hand me downs I got from my boss at the time.

This blog started with a calendar. And then a post about a Seahawks game. Actually come to think of it, it may have started even earlier, but those early posts were long since deleted. But I still have plenty of Voices to write about….

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Hello Monday

Yes, the world calls today Tuesday, but it is my Monday. And I'm off to work. Whether or not it'll be a good day is up in the air. All I can do is drink my coffee and hope for the best. But it can't be that bad. I mean I still have a job. And so far I've made two out of three of my buses to work....

Have a nice day. If it isn't nice, then try to leave it at least better than yoy found it...

Monday, January 18, 2016

Yet another passing

Today it was Glenn Frey. I was born in the ‘70s (73 if you really need to be that nosy). By the time I had my first radio, The Eagles had already broken up, and Don Henley and Glenn Frey were just solo artists. In all actuality, my father was in the army, and we were stationed in Germany. And the only English radio stations were controlled my the Army. So, I never heard any Eagles. I did hear a good deal of The Heat Is On, and there were a couple of Don Henley songs that I remember.

Btw, they did reunite again in the ‘90s…

Sorry, this was the best quality video I could find...

With David Bowie, Lemmy, and now Glenn Frey, there must be one heck of a concert going on in the afterlife…